At Smyths Daleside, we carefully select our specialised ingredients from quality assured local and international suppliers. Our animal feeds are designed inhouse by our industry leading nutritionists and we are dedicated to the continuous development of our livestock products. To maximise animal performance and meet our customer requirements every time.
Jeremy McGonigle
Sales Director


Feeding Champions Since 1865, Smyths Daleside has an industry leading reputation across the pedigree and commercial livestock sector manufacturing the highest quality feeds, specially formulated to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring maximum animal performance at all times.

dairy range

At Smyths Daleside we design our feed using only the best quality ingredients to produce quality milk ensuring maximum efficiency. Our dairy feed range are formulated with high levels of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements to improve milk production, maintain health and improve fertility levels.

Beef range

We offer a large range of coarse and pellet beef feeds suited to various stages of production. Smyths Daleside beef feed is formulated to provide all the nutrients required for maximum performance and are enriched with high quality vitamins and minerals required for growing and finishing beef cattle.

calf range

Smyths Daleside believe giving calves the best start in life is important by ensuring correct nutrition at the beginning of life will yield significant long-term benefits. All our calf feed is available in coarse and pellet rations, which can be introduced from four days of age. The calf range is highly palatable, appetising, and aromatic promoting daily live weight gains and maximising growth rates.

sheep range

Our sheep feed range is formulated using high quality proteins and cereals to support the energy requirements and lamb development for the pregnant ewe. Available in both coarse and pelleted products, we have developed an industry leading reputation for feeding some of the leading pedigree flocks across the country.

Lamb range

Our lamb feed range has been developed through continual research and development over many years to become a leader in the European market across the pedigree lamb sector. Available in both pellets and coarse feed options, manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, we have a range of products available for both commercial and pedigree livestock. Our lamb feeds contain the Smyths Daleside uniquely formulated Super Lamb Mineral Pack which improve animal health and performance.

Poultry range

We offer a range of poultry feeds for Chickens, Hens, Ducks and Turkeys. Each feed has been formulated using quality assured raw materials and manufactured to the highest-class production methods to ensure traceability and consistent quality feed.

Pig range

Smyths Daleside understand the importance of pig nutrition, we manufacture feed that is suitable for all pigs, from breeding pigs to finishing. Our dedication to the pig industry has led to the use of the latest nutritional research in the formulation of our high-quality pig feeds.

Horse range

Our horse range are available in coarse and nuts, suitable for every horse. The ingredients used are carefully selected and balanced to ensure a continued healthy rumen development and animal performance. At Smyths Daleside we believe a healthy horse is a happy horse.