Stable Mix

  • This mix contains oats and each of its raw materials have been selected for digestibility and animal performance.
  • Feeding levels will be determined by weight of horse, body condition score and performance level.
Pack type: 25kg bags

Cool & Crunchy

  • The ideal non-heating diet.
  • Contains high levels of fibre and has moderate energy levels.
  • This is a high-quality feed for the maintenance of horse & pony, and for those doing light work.
  • If animals are out-wintered, feed more than their equivalent comrades indoors.
  • Feeding levels will be determined by body condition score and level of work.
  • Always ensure that plenty of quality, clean roughage is available.
Pack type: 25kg bags

Horse & Pony Nuts

  • A Diet with a proven track record.
  • It has everything in one nut:  The best cereals, the best proteins and a top of the range vitamin, mineral and trace element package.
  • This diet is extremely palatable and is ideal for fussy eaters.
  • Feed with good quality roughage.
Pack type: 25kg bags