Smyths Daleside Launch Mmore Fibre Range

29th February, 2024

Leading animal feed manufacturer, Smyths Daleside, who have a track record of feeding champions, are proud to introduce their new high fibre feed range, ‘MmoreFibre’. This new range has currently four dedicated products covering lambs, baby calves, weanling and show animals. Containing a balanced combination of cooked products, pulps, cereals and high quality proteins, essential oils and yeasts, the new Mmore Fibre range is designed to stimulate rumen flora. The range has Alfalfa, and Smyths Daleside’s unique vitamin & mineral packs, all of which go towards building, and maintaining a strong immune system.

Located at Ballindrait, just outside Lifford in Co. Donegal, Smyths Daleside has a renowned reputation all over Ireland for producing the highest quality animal feeds for both ruminant and monogastric animals and the team are delighted to bring this new ‘Mmore Fibre’ feed range to their customers.

Speaking at the launch, Ray Winters – Smyths Daleside, Managing Director remarked, “We are excited to bring this new high fibre range to our customers. Over the course of the last three years, our highly experienced team have developed a range of products specifically designed to improve rumen function, which any farmer will tell you, is critical for animal health and performance. A huge part of our development programme involved extensive farm trials, the results of which can only be described as excellent. Having had the Mmore Fibre range on a select number of farms for over a year, the feedback from our farmers is that their animals are healthier, stronger, more content, look better and are performing better. The feed is extremely palatable, and with the inclusion of Alfalfa, increased intake is a guarantee, so much so that our farmers are telling us that their animals cannot get enough of it.”

Jack Porter, local farmer and Smyths Daleside customer said, “Having tried many different calf feeds over the years, we are convinced that the Mmore Fibre calf feed is giving our calves the best possible start. The feed is very palatable, by day 3 or 4 our calves are eating the feed. Our calves are cleaner, healthier, with increased muscle growth and development. We are now into our second season of feeding the Smyths Daleside ‘Five Star Calf Plus’ from their Mmore Fibre range, and I can tell you that we are very happy with how our calves are performing, and just as important, our calves are happy.”

To order Mmore Fibre Five Star Plus Calf feed or Pedigree Lamb Plus feed today call +353 74 917 1300

Pictured at the Mmore Fibre launch (L-R) Smyths Daleside, Cathal Doherty – Commerical Director, Jeremy McGonigle – Sales Director, Ray Winters – Managing Director & Brendan McFeely – Sales Adivsor