Fight Low Butterfat Levels With MAG 12

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Milk fat percentage has huge potential to be suboptimal during the period of peak milk production from April through to June. Dr. Morgan Sheehy said that a recently published peer-reviewed paper by UCD and Devenish showed that 10% of herds had milk fat depression (bulk tank for milk fat below 3.3%, with a normal milk […]

Heat Stress

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What is Heat Stress? Heat stress is when cattle fail to control their body temperature and it starts to rise. A cow’s body temperature needs to remain a constant 38.8 oC (± 0.5 oC). To maintain this, the heat generated from normal rumen digestion and metabolism must be lost to the environment. However, when the environmental temperature […]

Cow Feed Intake

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1. Animal Factors affecting DMI (dry Matter intake) 2. Meal factors affecting intake 3. Management factors affecting intake 4. Substitution rates of different feed ingredients on Silage intake.  FEED INTAKE & UTILISATION Digested feed clearly has a major effect on nutrient supply, the most important factor governing the extent to which cows can meet their […]

Top Tips For The Best Colostrum

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1,2,3 1. 1st Milk (Colostrum) 2. Within 2 hours of birth 3. 3 Litres  How important is Colostrum for your calves? Inadequate colostrum intakes can have devastating effects on calf health. It’s free, nature has designed the young calf to obtain its immunity from the first milk of its mother! While many synthetic options are […]

Maximising Profit by Optimising Milk Solids

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Due to this increasing financial pressure, it will be crucial for producers to focus on efficient feeding strategies with the aim of improving milk solids to increase their margin per litre. There are a multitude of factors that will affect milk composition such as genetics, stage of lactation, milk volume produced and nutrition. Focusing on […]