Maintain Performance at Grass this Season.

Dry matter intake is the key driver to maintaining performance at grass and can fluctuate dramatically due to a multitude of factors. Dry Matter Ranges from 12% – 20%. The higher the dry matter percentage, the more a cow can eat. If there is a lot of water in the grass for example, grass with […]

The Smell of Silage – What it can tell you?


Can you tell the quality of silage by the smell?The answer to that question is sometimes yes, but sometimes no. When producers detect ‘sweet’ smelling silage, they often think that this is good. However, this is not necessarily so, since that sweet smell is probably coming from high concentrations ethanol (produced by spoilage yeasts) mixed […]

Lice Management for Livestock

With the increased housing of animals, lice will start becoming more of a problem on farms. There are two types of lice:1. Biting lice – these primarily eat dead skin and scabs and are mostly found on the neck, shoulders, back and rump. They bite into the skin and cause greater irritation than sucking lice. […]